Blockchainifying the customer lifecycle journey.

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What is ubiqwifi?


UBIQWiFi is a shared-economy ecosystem for the Cannabis industry that leverages Blockchain technology to empower the producers & retailers to interact with their customers via a frictionless shopping experience.

UBIQWiFi aims to address the challenges faced by the participants of the Cannabis Industry by creating a 360-degree technological ecosystem powered by disruptive technologies like Blockchain, Proximity Marketing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Shared-economy marketplace

UBIQWiFi is building a shared-economy marketplace for the legal Cannabis Industry, where consumers can browse through the offerings of nearby merchants, including CBD products, and shop through an intuitive mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms. The marketplace will connect consumers to merchants and delivery partners using 3 different applications, enabling decentralized commerce with no middle-men and rent-seeking match-makers.

Customer Lifecycle Management

UBIQWiFi’s Blockchain Transaction Lifecycle Management is a sophisticated CLM (Customer Lifecycle Management) sofware deployed on decentralized infrastructure, that breakdowns CLM phases into acquisition, introduction, profiling, growth, cultivation of loyalty among customers, and termination of customer relationship — all being tracked on the Blockchain — preserving customer privacy, bringing immutability, and helping merchants optimize their business by analyzing customer-related metrics.

Ultra Loyalty rewards

UBIQWiFi's ULTRA is a sophisticated Loyalty Rewards Program that rewards consumers with UBIQ tokens on every purchase at partner merchants. The ULTRA application also functions as a multi-feature crypto wallet and incentivizes the initial accumulation of by rewarding UBIQ tokens as loyalty points for every partner purchase to introduce newcomers to the system. ULTRA gives people abundant options to accrue and spend UBIQ tokens.

Proximity marketing

UBIQWiFi is developing proprietary Geo-Intelligence software using iBeacon Technology, allowing Cannabis or CBD customers to keep in touch with brands wherever they are. Every Cannabis or CBD deal within the users' preferred radius will always be a tap away, anytime, anywhere. Merchants will be able to run their promotional campaigns and expand the walls of their brick-and-mortar stores to a 30-mile radius, in an effort to level the playing field with internet-based e-commerce giants.


Harnessing the power of ground-breaking technologies like Ethereum Blockchain, IPFS, iBeacons, and Artificial Intelligence - UBIQWiFi ecosystem empowers the participants of a Cannabis marketplace to transact in a frictionless, transparent, fair and rewarding environment.

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UBIQWiFi Loyalty Traffic Rewards Application

UBIQWiFi's ULTRA is a sophisticated Loyalty Rewards Program that rewards consumers with UBIQ tokens on every purchase at partner merchants.


Research shows that 71% of consumers belong to at least one loyalty program, 81% of members redeem rewards every few months.


By rewarding customers through smart-incentivization with UBIQ tokens, UBIQWiFi essentially bootstraps its very own token economy.


Shared Economy

UBIQWiFi's marketplace model takes today's shared-economy marketplaces one step ahead. UBIQWiFi doesn't own growing facilities, dispensaries, or delivery fleets. The system functions by utilizing smart contracts to facilitate truly peer-to-peer commerce.


Mobile-based platform utilizes poprietary Geo-Intelligence allowing merchants to target consumers with promotions in a 30-mile radius.


Closed-loop and peer-to-peer financial transactions facilitate commerce in a trustless, decentralized and highly-secure environment.


Social-media that pays you UBIQ tokens

Cannabis oriented live-video streaming social-media network with cryptocurrency rewards where consumers create user generated content about their shopping experience, merchant and product preferences.


The social-network will have a core focus on the Cannabis industry, allowing content creators to unleash their creative energy in an authentic manner.


Using smart reward-pool mechanism to fund the rewards for content-creators, UBIQWiFi opens up the today's online-generation to a whole new world of possibilities.



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9 currencies

Crypto to dollars in no time. UBIQcard empowers you to load and spend 6 forex curriences and 3 cryptocurrencies anywhere across the world where Visa or MasterCard is accepted.

banking the unbanked

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What is UBIQ?

UBIQ token is engineered to meet the comprehensive demands of the Cannabis industry, from providing seed to sale data collection, to real time tax payments and reporting, to consumer preferences and supplier product offerings, to serving the unbanked via virtual banking - all within one user friendly mobile application which is supported by smart-contracts, not centralized servers.

token name
Total supply
Soft cap
$3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
$10,000,000 USD
Exchange Rate
1 UBIQ = $0.025 USD
IEO Starts
To Be Announced
IEO Ends
To Be Announced
Contributions from United States of America (Non-Accredited Investors), People 's Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region are not accepted

meet the
unicorn team

UBIQWiFi is a team of distributed entrepreneurs, engineers, and blockchain experts. Our mission is to empower the legal Cannabis-industry with the right tools. We're hiring!

Anthony Sousa

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Cooke

Chief Operating Officer

Kerri VanMeveran

Chief Innovation Officer

Mayank Chhabra

Chief Technology Officer

Rick Shaddock

Chief Information Officer

Yuriy Kudelin

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Mayne

Chief Marketing Officer

Ricky Dubey

Director of Technical Integration

Debra McCann

Director of IEO Strategy

Jane King

Director of Media

Steve Carson

Director of Business Development

John Brady

Director of Communications

Karthik Pandian

Mobile App Developer

Sean Brizendine

Blockchain Analyst


Director of Cannabis Initiatives

Melinda Woolf

Humanitarian Projects Advisor

Tim Rocho

Banking Industry Advisor

Jack Bouroudjian

Economics Advisor

Lawrence Chan

International Remittances Advisor

Quang Vu

AI & Blockchain Advisor

PB Stanton

Legal Advisor

Chris Gersch

Business Advisor

Erich Kaiser

Data Center Operations Advisor

Ward Stirrat

Strategic Platform Advisor